The kit car industry in the UK is massive the following is huge! Car wrap Melbourne Being a kit car fan myself and having built many kit cars in the past this is a market that I love!

The building of a kit cars is a lot of the fun in fact most people just enjoy building them. I built my first kit car at the young age of 18 and to be honest it was not that expensive really considering the end result.

When you are looking for a kit car you need to have a think to your self whether or not you just want the end product or whether you want the thrill and excitement of the build? Most people like the thrill of the build but then they get easily bored or frustrated.

If you want to build one from scratch go to a few kit car shows throughout the UK and there is normally one happening somewhere in the country every weekend throughout the summer. Walk round and see what takes your fancy.

Once you have an idea of what you are after then see what sort of money you realistically are going to spend. I normally ignore what the manufacturer of the kit says as they normally under estimate it by a lot. Ask the owners and the builders how much they have spent then you will get an idea of what sort of budget is likely.

The next thing I would do is surf the net looking for either part build kit cars or second hand kits that just simply have not been started. This can save you a hell of a lot of money, in fact you will save a more than half normally.

The only down side with buying a part built kit cars is that you will have to take on what someone else has started and fix what they have not done to your standard but this normally is no hard ship. The hardest part of building a kit car is getting enough money to finish it or finding a few hours a week to continue with it.

If you are looking for a kit car for sale take a look at Kit Cars For Sale where you will find many completed cars part built brand new kits all makes and models. Just take a look.

A kit car is a rare breed of car just like the owner. They are lightweight high powered cars which are designed to handle and generally out perform most sports cars.

This is just one reason why people love kit cars! I have built many kit cars in the past which I did for fun, yes it is quite amusing and a great past time.

When you drive a kit car you are exposed to the elements there is not normally any power steering no radio in fact there is never normally any creature comforts just you and the open road. You don’t need to be breaking the sound barrier to have fun in a kit car because most are rear wheel drive which makes them very exciting to drive and you can have a serious amount of fun on the country lanes especially of the road are a little slippery.

However driving a kit car is normally the end result of many hours of hard stressful cold days working on it to get it firstly road legal but to a standard you are happy with. You can spend hours in a cold garage and not really get much done because you are just unsure whether it will work. But then some days you will be flying along and you will get a shed load of work done.

With a kit car there is never one the same every single one is different and this is why they are so popular because it can reflect the builders own ideas and quite frankly it’s a very personal thing. You all may set out to do the same type of kit car but you all have different ideas and methods on how to get the same end result. Even the most simplest of cars can vary so much from driver to driver.

You see owning one is a way of life, it’s a passion a desire and when its built there is always improvements that you want done and so your work is never done. I built my car then five years later I stripped it down and rebuilt it.

When you drive a kit car its like being in a goldfish bowl everybody is pointing and smiling and people seem to wave at you. My kit cars have always been very noisy and always cause a scene in my local towns.

If you think a kit car is a toy then your damn right its just pure fun! Take a look here for many kit cars for sale.