Ok, so I have decided to try a little experiment to chat with a stranger and see if I can increase the PR, SERP, and / or traffic to one, or all of my websites. As everyone knows, backlinks are a key part of any websites SEO. So, I am going to use up some of the domain names I have laying around or parked doing nothing, to try and increase my backlink.

I have about 60 or so domains that I think I can use for this. What I’m going to do is get about 50 different free hosting accounts, and host one domain on each of them. Each domain will have a small minisite with RSS feeds, and will also have a section for sponsored links. Under each websites sponsored link section, I’m going to link to some of my websites. I have domains for many different niches, so I’m going to try to only link to the ones that are in the same general area as the other.

The point to using different hosts is so that each website is on a different server. If you have 100 websites all on the same server, linking eachother like a big circle, they don’t count as heavily, or in some cases, at all for your backlinks. If I use different hosts, with different server, the domains will all have different nameserver and IP’s, so it will appear that they are just random websites linking to eachother instead of one webmaster trying to make a link sircle between his sites.

I got this idea from a fellow SEO’er who buys up domains that are about to expire, and hosts them on seperate servers to link to his main sites. According to him it has done wonders for his PR and SERP. I have about 30 websites right now, and only a couple of them are generating a decent amount of traffic. The others are getting some visitors, but nothing even remotely impressive. I read about people starting websites one month, and within a month or two they’re generating 100K uniques a month, I just don’tt understand how they’re doing it! The only thing I can figure is they’re doing what I’m about to try, or they’re buying some traffic prgram where people are paid to click through a website, which is pointless really.

I’m going to give this 6 months to see what happens. I’ll be posting here throughout the experiment to let you all know how it’s going and if it’s working or not. Who knows, it may work and get me millions of visitors, #1 ranking in Google, and a PR of 8, or, it could go really bad and get me banned in Google!